Difference Between Service Now and HP Service Anywhere

Service Now being of one of fastest exploding and popular ITSM cloud tool, HP is very aggressive in bringing it’s dream, Service Anywhere, true. Service Now was one of first cloud tool which is started about 8 years ago by now, Service Anywhere is the new tool, started about an year back. Lets drill down HP is making it different to survive against the industry’s big dad, Service Now.

Service Now V/S HP Service Anywhere


Service Now

HP Service Anywhere

The one of Top ITSM/ESM tool by the company named “ServiceNow” itself. Widely used, Saturated market acquired. New ITSM tool to compete and grab the market by HP.
More than 200 ITSM tools were analysed before starting Servicenow. The basic idea was to start some cloud based tool, but later they decided to do ITSM tool. The idea was retain the customers who are moving out to ServiceNow. But HP has 30 to 40 years of ITSM tool experience right from Service Center to HP Service Manager.
Not sure, but seems to cheaper. $89 per User and 179 per Admin per month
Works on SQL RDBMS – Structured Database Bigdata – Unstructured Database
Backend technology used is Java. But for Customizing, No java interface is allowed. All the customizations, enhancement must be done in Javascript only. Server side javascripting also allowed (Like node.js) HTML 5, Web 3.0 and backend technology seems to be Java.Customization / enhancement is done by “Expressions”.
Google analytics, basic analytics capabilities. Advanced analytics, Reporting support.
It is said that Infrastructure is outsourced to third-party service providers. HP’s own in-house infrastructure.
Many third-party integrations are readily available. Any tool integration or migration from other tools can be made. Not sure.
Only Application is the service. HP can offer it’s other business services/products like computers, servers and other infrastructure or any other services.

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