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AllDifferences is a website to help you answer your most burning question about differences between two things.
AllDifferences offers content in various categories to help you with any question you may have.

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Our story

This website has been first created in French, on, in 2018.
One year after that, the English version has been created, in the summer of 2019.

All the articles are written by Patrick Fromaget. I (Patrick) often ask myself some questions while thinking or speaking about something. And often, I’m not able to find a good and short answer on the Internet.
As a web developer, I thought about creating a website to answer them, once I know better the topic.
And that’s what I did! A few months after the website creation, many people start to come on the website each day, motivating me even more to create more content.

I always keep track of the things I wonder each day, so that I can look if there are good answers on the web.
If it’s not the case, I’ll write them on this website 🙂

Feel free to use the contact form if you want to submit your “differences” or offer your help to write on some topics you know very well.