What is the Difference between Quora and Reddit?

The world is slowly embracing the art of socializing across online platforms, and Reddit and Quora are among those platforms. There is no denying that these two social platforms have significantly grown in the recent past, boasting millions of users. But have you taken a moment to understand what makes them unique?

What is the Difference Between Quora and Reddit?
Quora and Reddit are two platforms designed to improve interaction between people on various topics, but they don’t have the same purpose.
Quora is a question and answer website, while Reddit is a news aggregation and discussion website.

But the difference goes deeper than this. In this light, we take a look at what each option brings to the table. Here are some critical insights you need.


What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social news aggregation, discussion, and web content rating website. Besides being an American company founded in 2005, Reddit boasts of being the sixth most popular in America. What is more, it has over 234 million users spread across the world. Perhaps, we could attribute this to how engaging and user-friendly it tends to be.

Ideally, Reddit is a community-determined content aggregator, discussion forum, and social platform that allows users to submit posts on different subjects. Once submitted, other users will be free to upvote or downvote the content, depending on whether they like or dislike it.

Usually, a post with many upvotes will end up ranking favorably. On the other hand, too many downvotes result in the post falling in ranks and disappearing from other viewers.

How Reddit Makes Money?

Like any other platform, making enough revenue is one of the goals of Reddit.

This platform makes its money through Reddit ads, which are ideally banners. Further, membership subscription adds to the amount that they get in the long run.

Reddit User Profiles

One of the most challenging things to know about Reddit is its demographics. Some studies show that it has 67% men, 70% being white and young. However, that should not mean that you will not find something to prick your fancies.

Reddit’s user profiles allow you to remain anonymous, as all you will have to submit are an email and a username. However, the social platform will keep track of your activities, including submissions and comments. The profile highlights things like Karma and how much Gold you bought. Perhaps you have no idea of what Karma and Gold are. Worry not; we discuss that next.

Division into communities

That Reddit is subdivided into various sub-communities called subreddits is no secret. Typically, a subreddit revolves around a specific subject, and anyone can create it. Whether you are to talk about education, crime, jokes, among others, you will be sure of getting something that suits your interests. This subreddit will eventually feed into the main Reddit list, except when it is private.

Subreddits come with specific rules at all times. While you might fall in love with lenient ones, you will barely overlook the strict ones. For this reason, take the time to read through and understand the various rules provided by the subreddit you want to join. It will ensure that you do not get inconvenienced in the long run.

Distinct Reddit Concepts

Various concepts are at your disposal when using Reddit. As long as you are sure which one serves your interests, using them will be straightforward. They will often include Reddit Gold, AMAs, and Karma.

Reddit Gold

Ideally, this is a premium membership that accords the user a few extra benefits. Turning off ads, creating custom avatars, and creating subreddits will be much straightforward for people with Reddit Gold.

One of the fascinating things about this is the ability to gift other users the Reddit Gold. It is a gif made by the generous, and it often suffices after a joke, heartfelt stories, impressive information, or even generosity.


It is a gamification concept that suffices by gauging your submissions and comments on the website. An increase in upvotes will often translate to an increase in your Karma score. However, nothing more than self-gratification comes with having better Karma scores.


This concept stands for Ask Me Anything, and it involves a user submitting a post and getting answers from other users. You can hardly ignore how popular and informational this concept has become in the recent past.

Ways to Use Reddit

People will often use Reddit for different reasons, including getting information, telling stories, and sharing jokes. However, some uses provide you with more value than others. Here are a few ways to maximize this platform.

Customer Service

Various brands are running to Reddit in a bid to bring services closer to their clients. In this platform, a brand can comfortably address various issues with their products and even provide more information.

Creating networks

You could also consider coming up with a network that resonates with a specific idea.

News and calendar

Whether you want to have a calendar of events or news to put out, this will be the right place for you. It could readily increase your numbers in the long run.


What is Quora?

From the elegant user interface to the wealth of information you get, Quora is hard to overlook. Ideally, this is a crowdsourced question and answer website, allowing users to get their responses. The site is user-controlled, meaning that the user does the organization, editing, and creating the content.

Content on Quora

This platform allows you to follow specific topics of interest. Unlike what you get from search engines, the answers here are from other people’s experiences, meaning that they have a personal and human touch.

Some people use Quora as a research tool, as it often ensures that users get accurate information. Thanks to allowing users to vote on how valid responses are, this is an open possibility. As if that is not enough, it will focus on high-quality questions and answers. You will also be free to come up with and follow social networks that capture your fancies.

How Quora makes its money

You can barely overlook the revenue model embraced by this platform, as it is one of the best. Its model allows it to make money through the advertisements integrated within the answers and the platform’s questions.

User Profiles

Mostly, creating a user profile tends to be one of the easiest on this platform. With how user-friendly and straightforward the process is, you will hardly take minutes. You can remain anonymous too.

How Quora Works

The process often starts by creating an account. Thanks to how streamlined this process is, you will hardly have difficulty setting up your account. Besides, you could sign in with other social media platforms. Once you are set up, you will be free to ask or answer questions accordingly.

If you are asking a question, ensure that it has never been asked on the platform. Well, you could rephrase one too. You will also need to keep this question short and precise. After this, the platform will ask you to verify the relevant topics to the question before it is posted.

On the other hand, ensure that you are as honest and intentional as possible when answering. While at it, you should remain respectful and straightforward too. Did you know that consistency is vital for you whenever you are responding?

Users are free to upvote or downvote an answer. The idea is to make sure that the best answers get as many views as possible.

Ways to Use Quora

There is no denying that this platform has so much to offer, mainly if you use it correctly. It could come in handy in improving not only your social life but also your business. In most cases, people will use Quora for the following reasons.

Improve traffic

Nothing beats the satisfaction that comes with better traffic to your business. That is what you will get from this platform, as you will effortlessly improve your authority by the answers you provide.


With many businesses focusing on how to improve their business, SEO has become an inevitable strategy. Quora allows you to provide information and even clarify issues whenever necessary. You will be free to drop your website link here too.

What is the difference?

While both Reddit and Quora are social platforms, the former is a discussion and social news aggregation forum. Concurrently, the latter is a question and answer site. Reddit boasts of various types of subscriptions, unlike the standard membership in Quora. Instead, Quora comes with an enviable Top Writer tag, which is not with Reddit.

It would be relatively hard to say which platform is better, as both have millions of users. However, Reddit boasts of a slightly bigger audience, thanks to the variety of subjects discussed there.

Briefly, both sites assure you of juicy, topnotch information that could significantly impact your life.

By the way, forums are now more and more replaced by chat apps, like Discord. So, you might also be interested in reading the keys differences between Reddit and Discord in this other article.

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